About NCA (KZ)

As Japan's only cargo-specialist airline, NCA has built a reputation for safe, fast and reliable performance since 1985.

NCA knows that companies in today's business environment rely on air cargo more than ever before and requirements have also become more complex as the quantity and variety of goods has increased.

NCA fulfills the ever-changing needs of our customers, through the use of 8 B747F freighters (+16 orders), an advanced delivery system and attention to details to provide you with the most convenient schedules.

Global Network

NCA's worldwide on-line network covers 20 major cities in Asia, Europe and North America.
Augmented by an extensive network of interline partners and a fleet of truck for NCA's exclusive use, you can get the power to reach any destination quickly. Click on North America to view NCA's locations in North America.

Special Handling

NCA ships all types of cargo - from orchids, strawberries, horses, and satellites to computers and cultural artifacts - to list just a few examples.

While NCA ships a wide variety of goods, each receives the highest quality attention and care.

NCA makes certain that variables such as temperature, vibration, pressure and humidity are adjusted and maintained for the cargo's entire journey.

Special care is taken for live cargo, including consideration of the animals specific habits and needs.

Ground Handling

NCA has developed first-class facilities and systems for quick, reliable and secure handling of your cargo.

NCA's on-line Cargo Terminals at JFK, ORD, LAX and SFO are equipped with an Automated Materials Handling System, capable of simultaneously loading and unloading two jumbo freighters within two hours.
The facility can also handle and store live, delicate and refrigerated cargo.

At Narita Airport, NCA has their own designated area within the International Air Cargo Terminal for quick and efficient import handling.

Click the name of the city below for detailed information about each facility.

Anchorage | Atlanta | Boston | Chicago | Los Angeles | New York | San Francisco | Narita | Osaka

Road Feeder Service

Within the U.S. market, NCA has been certified to conduct intermodal operations in addition to our off-line network of conventional interline partners.

NCA Express trucks now serve destinations beyond the five on-line points.

NCA's comprehensive transport system extends its service to every corner of the US.

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