Coronavirus 2020

News update

General information about the coronavirus: Dear Sir or Madam, We are currently receiving new information about the coronavirus every day. In order to be able to inform you as comprehensively and up-to-date as possible, we publish relevant information for your flow of goods in this news update. Due to the large number and speed of the new reports, we would like to point out that this overview does not claim to be complete. In principle, read on

Current market situation sea freight import from the Far East

A very strong demand for sea freight from Asia to Europe, combined with insufficient capacities of the shipping companies, lead to a high utilization rate for shipments these days. In connection with equipment bottlenecks, especially in China, Thailand, Vietnam as well as in Korea and partly in India, FCL shipments must be planned and booked in good time in the coming weeks. We will continue reading

Effects on shipments

We are currently observing an increasing demand for suitable containers or shipping space for exports from Northern Europe. The increased demand collides with the current supply of suitable empty containers and a shortage of shipping space. We are in a market situation that is similar to that at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the "Corona problem". We proceed from a consistent reading

December 14, 2020

Lockdown - Your dispatch in the period from December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021: The federal and state governments have made further resolutions to contain the corona pandemic. Among other things, the retail trade will be closed from December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021. It can be assumed that many shipments cannot be delivered to the recipients of the goods during this period. To give you the best possible service, read on too


Austria: A stricter lockdown has come into force in Austria. The following new measures will initially apply until December 7, 2020 School and business closings - only grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, banks and post offices will remain open All-day curfew The only exceptions are for commuting to work, to the doctor or shopping as well as for sports and Read on walks


Italy - Overview of measures: The measures in Italy have been tightened further. The deliveries of the shipments are still possible, our partner in Italy takes all necessary measures to guarantee a regular process.Only transport orders may be transmitted: which are not subject to any official restrictions where the recipients are open and can be approached Read more


Denmark: Since November 5th, 2020, smaller parts of Denmark (in the far north of Jutland) have been partially cordoned off due to the current Corona events. This affects the following postcode areas: DK-77xx DK-92xx DK-93xx DK-94xx DK-97xx DK-98xx DK-99xx There may be extended delivery times. Please include the recipient's phone number so that the delivery can be notified in advance, read on


Poland: In Poland, the measures are being tightened in view of the massive increase in new corona infections. Further restrictions on public life are pending. From Saturday, cultural institutions, cinemas and theaters will be closed, as will shops in shopping centers, with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies. The restrictions should apply until November 29th.


Belgium: The measures that have been decided are affecting operational processes in Belgium. Important: Before shipping, please agree with your recipients whether they are open and whether deliveries can be accepted. Items that cannot be delivered will be returned immediately for a fee.


France: Since October 30, 2020, extensive exit restrictions have applied in France. People are only allowed to go outside if they have a valid reason and have to prove this with a form. The retail trade is closed, only essential products can be sold. Therefore, the supermarkets and other large shops should no longer sell products that would otherwise read on


Slovakia: The high number of infections in Slovakia has prompted the government to carry out two nationwide, nationwide mass tests for the weekends of October 31st / November 1st. and 07.11./08.11.2020. Participation in the tests is voluntary, but according to various surveys, approximately 70% of the population is expected to participate. It can be assumed that this measure will mean that you will continue reading at once