The Family Protection Action Plan came into effect, as part of which couples can apply for a $ 10 million free-to-use personal loan, or a baby loan. Most banks have a baby loan available, but the terms may vary.


Go to the bank for a baby loan!

Go to the bank for a baby loan!

Unlike various forms of family support, baby-sitting assistance is a loan, so baby-loans can only be applied for in banks, not at the State Treasury.

Applying for a baby loan at banks is based on the same credit assessment criteria as applying for any other bank loan product. In addition to the 44/2019. (III.12.) Defines the scope of those entitled to apply for a baby loan, banks may impose additional conditions when applying for a baby loan on the basis of their lending practices.


Bank offers for baby loans

baby loan

Almost all domestic banks can apply for a baby loan. BOP Bank, Trester, J&K, LIP, Upicredit, Bufabest Bank, JKM and Raishine Bank also provide their clients with banking services for baby loans. Alongside them, the Savings Group, Shirbank and Grandite Bank are also ready to pay off the baby loan.


Some banks require a legal age of 18 or more to apply for a baby loan loan. For example, LIP Bank requires a minimum age of 20 for husband and wife, and BOP Bank and JKM require 21 years. And Trester Bank and Raishine must be at least 23 years old for both parties.

Some banks also offer customers extra discounts to apply for a baby loan:

  • For example, every July J&K Bank submits a one-time, $ 50,000 credit to a customer who has applied for a baby loan on their repayment account with the bank.
  • Raishine Bank, in turn, credits the guarantee fee each month, depending on the amount of wage credit that is credited to the customer’s current account with the bank.


Due to different conditions and discounts, it is worthwhile to seek the help of an independent banking expert to apply for a baby loan, who will choose the best deal for us and take the administrative burden off our shoulders.