Text-us Loans lend money in the form of micro loans to their customers. The loan amount that can be applied for is USD 500 – 10,000. Text-us Loans also belong to the lenders who receive both loan applications on the web and through SMS, which then becomes an SMS loan. Furthermore, they are also one of the lenders who may want to lend money to people with payment complaints.


Application for a loan from Text-us Loans

Application for a loan from Text-us Loans

You have two different ways of borrowing money from Text-us Loans and these are either an application directly here via the net or an application via the mobile phone. The big difference between the two options is that it costs a little money to apply if you do it via SMS. For a web application, you fill in the form quickly and easily on the Text-us Loan website. Here, basic facts about the loan and you will be filled in. If you want to apply via mobile, you should send an SMS to Text-us Loan which has a special wording. You can find this formulation most easily on their site.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you apply via mobile, you will be forced to send two SMS to Text-us Loan which cost USD 20 each. If you apply instead via the web, you do not need to send any SMS at all which means that the price will be lower for such an application.

Who can borrow from Text-us Loans

borrow money

To borrow from Text-us Loans, you are required to be 20 years old, have a public mobile number, must be registered in Sweden. As mentioned, they accept applications from people with payment complaints, but there are a number of things that must be fulfilled. This is that there are, for example, no more than 6 payment notes, nor can the borrower have a debt balance with Kronofogden. Ongoing debt restructuring is also an obstacle to borrowing money.


Announcement loans offer the following types of loans:

types of loans

  • Micro loans up to USD 10,000.
  • SMS loans up to USD 10,000.
  • Payday loans up to USD 10,000.


Direct link to Text-us Loan

Direct link to Text-us Loan

Below you will find a link that goes directly to the Text-us Loan website. There you can find exact information about exactly this lender’s various services. If you want to borrow money, this is also the way to go.