shipment tracking

Perspective is always important, in the world of logistics it is even vital!

That is why we make your transports Europe-wide transparent with Cepra. Benefit from a powerful shipment tracking system with which you can locate your packages in real time via the Internet and digitally call up detailed delivery information including the delivery receipt.

On request, we can also send you all the relevant information by email - because what Nippon-Cargo says made-to-measure is also made to measure.

Access controls

Electronically secured access controls only allow people with access authorization to enter the respective areas.

Nippon-Cargo is also a safe member. The certificate is awarded to those whose premises, office buildings, halls and security systems meet certain safety standards. These include the fencing and video surveillance of the company premises, personal access and loading equipment controls, the recording of security-relevant data such as files about carriers and subcontractors, police clearance certificates for new hires or damage and quality statistics and much more

Video surveillance

A total of 320 cameras with a 360-degree all-round view are installed at our two locations.

This means that we always have your goods in view and guarantee the highest level of safety in all functional areas.

Your advantages
  • Transparency in the processes through interface control
  • Connection to your specific in-house IT system
  • Fast automated reporting system
  • Streamlining of process flows