Green logistics is currently on everyone's lips. Also in ours. But more: We have firmly anchored environmental protection in our values ​​and goals. Consequently, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dirk Lohre from the Steinbeis Forwarding and Logistics Consulting Center developed a CO2 shipment calculator as one of the first collaborations. Our partners have been using this since November 2012. All CargoLiners and their subcontractors collected the basic data for this in a detailed process. The result is a greenhouse gas balance according to DIN EN ISO 14064 with real data that reflect the geographical and structural differences of the partners and thus result in a realistic value for the emissions calculation per shipment or per customer. We repeat this survey every year so that we can always say exactly which environmental protection measures have taken effect and which will have priority in the future. So we know that we were able to reduce our emissions by 7.34 percent compared to 2012! By the way, our CO2 calculator is characterized by the fact that it is one of only a few in the industry to be certified according to DIN EN 16258.

However, since a company can never work emission-free despite all its efforts, we have agreed with the climate protection provider ARKTIK to offset business trips for the employees of the CargoLine system headquarters . Through this cooperation, the CargoLine partners can also offer their customers CO2-neutral transports.

An extract from our environmental protection measures:

  • Driver training for fuel-efficient driving
  • Use of low-friction tires and tire pressure control systems
  • modern vehicle fleet, test with gas / diesel drives
  • Combined transport
  • Avoidance of empty journeys by using modern route planner software
  • Stop compression

  • City logistics
  • Installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Installation of light strips in halls
  • Construction of energy-neutral forwarding facilities
  • Reduction of electricity, paper and water consumption
  • Truck washing systems with biological water treatment systems and much more