About CargoLine

Transport and contract logistics with passion

Transport logistics. Contract logistics. Intercontinental.

CargoLine offers standardized and systematic general cargo transports as well as distribution, procurement and contract logistics solutions in Germany and Europe, which are supplemented by sea freight transports.

Founded in 1993, around 80 high-performance freight forwarding and logistics companies in 43 countries from Scandinavia to the CIS countries to the Maghreb and from Portugal to the Near and Middle East form the comprehensive CargoLine network.

50 of these partners are in Germany. These work according to DIN EN ISO 9001 including the HACCP concept and contract logistics as well as DIN EN ISO 14001 and 14064, i.e. according to the same quality and environmental guidelines. In doing so, CargoLine not only placed general cargo traffic under quality control, i.e. shipments from A to B, but also the individual performance variants of scheduled transports. Even the CO2 footprint, which the CargoLine partners can calculate for each shipment transported, has been certified in accordance with DIN EN 16258.

In the field of contract logistics , CargoLine offers customized logistics and logistics-related services on 1.6 million square meters of storage space or 1.6 million pallet spaces. The focus is on the automotive, chemical / hazardous materials, e-commerce, durable goods and consumer goods, healthcare / pharmaceutical, food, aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering and paper industries.

CargoLine offers customers with complex requirements, multiple locations and / or large volumes a central key account management . In close cooperation with IT experts and the CargoLine partners, the key account manager develops decisive advantages for solving customer-specific problems, both nationally and internationally.

You can find more information about the general cargo network on the website . Or subscribe to the cooperation's customer magazine, CargoTime . On 24 pages you can expect industry insights, reports on the cooperation between CargoLine partners and their customers, news from partner companies and much more.